Virtual presentation category opens the door for PUBLICATION of your paper WITHOUT ATTENDING iLEC2019

Who can register as ‘virtual presenters’?

1) Presenters who are not in Malaysia. Examples: a. Malaysian residing, working (academic or professional) or studying (student) overseas, b. International participants overseas who are unable to attend the conference.

2) How? – submit your abstract at

3) If your abstract has been approved for Virtual Presentation – you should submit your full paper and/or PowerPoint presentation (optional) before the deadline i.e. 25 May 2019 (Abstract/Full paper).

In addition to the paper submission, virtual authors can submit PowerPoint presentations (maximum number of slides in the PowerPoint: 20 slides) to . The slide presentation will be uploaded on the iLEC 2019 conference’s website (optional), so that participants of the conference will have access to all virtual presentations during the conference.

Package (Virtual Presenters) – USD150

  • Publication opportunity: Publication of your paper (online) as part of the e-proceedings or electronic book chapter (if selected)
  • A letter of acceptance of your paper (PDF)
  • Presentation slides to be featured/uploaded on the conference website (optional)